Sunday March 3, 2013

It has been a beautiful sunny day! The dogs and I spent some of it outside around mid-day as I picked up tons of dog poop. I made a new year’s resolution to do a better job with that task and I have been taking time at least once a week and usually on Sundays for that fun job. But last week was the start of my quilting marathon so this week I had two week’s worth to gather up. However, it was a lovely day so it was pleasant nonetheless. I also practiced my guitar twice and otherwise got lots of reading done. I’ve finished Strong Poison and started The Five Red Herrings, both by Dorothy Sayers. It is so fun to re-read good friends. And I’m watching Joan Hickson’s Miss Marple series on Netflix, among my favorites also.

practicing guitar
finishing one book
starting another
a sunny day
picking up dog poop