Tuesday March 5, 2013

What with the strange schedule last week it seemed as if it has been ages since I was at Student Link and it was good to be back. I did paperwork, marked some homework, and catalogued a bunch of books so I now feel caught up. I came home and felt energetic enough to get out my ladder and saw off the branch I had cut back yesterday. It was about 2-3″ in diameter and my trusty saw got it cut nicely. It was much easier thanks to all the pruning of I had done yesterday. I took the branch to the back and part way down the path where I can’t see it, and it can wait there until next week when Lance comes and he can dispose of it properly. I then came in and read until my first student arrived. I worked with him on Algebra II and then I played some guitar as my other students had cancelled. I received a phone call from a friend whose daughter is having trouble with geometry and I told her that they could come over now for a planning session and so I am expecting them momentarily. I didn’t want the student having more nightmares about what isn’t even her fault.

sawing a limb
off a fir
more tutoring
a little guitar

One thought on “Tuesday March 5, 2013

  1. I was really careful with the ladder, and I had mentioned the branch to Lance, but not as anything that was urgent. Sorry you had problems posting a reply. Hope it was a one time problem. Thanks for stopping by!

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