Saturday March 9, 2013

I started the day with a new book, Hot Tub Yoga. As the book itself says, it isn’t real yoga but “exercises and stretches for people who are experiencing those ‘I am getting older’ aches and pains.” I didn’t think it was doing anything, but I felt it when I got out of the hot tub so I think it is a good plan to do it. Then Dave from True Value Hardware came to do routine maintenance on my generator. I also had a student to tutor in geometry. After all that, I got nearly half of a quilt top pieced. Then, Calliope, Thackeray, and I enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon in the recliner reading and napping. I have been changing clocks all day with the plan of switching to the new time during the day but it hasn’t really worked. However, at least most of the clocks have now been changed (I always miss at least one, although with more and more clocks going automatic, I may have found them all.)

hot tub yoga
generator serviced
tutoring a student
piecing a quilt
reading with cats