Monday March 11, 2013

I went out to my hot tub this morning only to discover that the neighbors to the north were getting a tree cut down. I couldn’t see the actual people in the tree, only a saw hanging on a rope and falling branches, so I hoped that they also couldn’t see me. It did rather ruin the relaxation of the soak and I didn’t do my hot tub yoga, but I figured that no one would be interested in watching me in the first place and in the second place they ought to be watching their trees and their chain saws. I gave the pets their breakfast but Oliver wouldn’t eat. He didn’t eat Saturday night’s dinner either although he did eat on Sunday. I had Dr. Alan out this afternoon and he said that it was probably either back issues or pancreatitis. Oliver will get an ultrasound on Wednesday and today Dr. Alan took both blood and urine for lab tests. Oliver is also going to be on pain meds and anti-inflammatories which should help in either case. After that I had a student to tutor, an extra session as the term comes to a close. In and around all that, I managed to quilt, square, and bind the quilt I have been working on so it is all ready to go.

quilt quilted
squared and bound
vet visit for a sick dog
extra tutoring
for a math student

3 thoughts on “Monday March 11, 2013

  1. Yes, it was rather stressful and as you know, I do try to keep my Mondays low key, but there it is. Whatever the neighbors cut was on the north side of their lot so I can see the house on the other side of them a bit more from one spot but really not noticeable at all. Oliver seems much better today. Tomorrow morning will be very early but not as early as you will have to do for Loyd’s surgery (Thursday? or so Lance said). Thanks for the good thoughts for Oliver! Hugs back!

  2. Oliver is lucky to have you. You’re a great pet “parent.” 🙂

    I would have wanted to watch the tree come down! It’s fascinating to me that people have discovered how to cut down diseased or unsafe trees without hurting any of the people/trees/houses nearby.

    I’m sorry it stressed you out, though. Hopefully today will be better!

  3. Thanks, Lydia, and I agree about the fun in watching the tree coming down. It is an amazing process, for sure. I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been trying to have my morning soak, and if it hadn’t been quite so noisy! Today was busy, but less unusual.

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