Wednesday March 13, 2013

I can say that it is very dark at 6AM! My dogs didn’t even wake up until after I had my sauna time, hot tub, and shower. It was fun to hear the birds waking up, but truly I don’t think getting up this early is a good thing. Oliver and I got to Fair Isle shortly after 7, and Oliver did really well with his ultrasound. He actually seemed to like being in the little foam “bed” while the ultrasound was being done. We were back home by 8:30 at which point all of us got to have breakfast. I went off to Student Link and I managed to get most of the papers marked while also helped a student with geometry. I also taught my bridge class and after that Dr. Nell came over and she said that Oliver’s ultrasound showed gastrointestinal minor issues and nothing else, thankfully. His lab results were great. I am to be sure he gets his probiotics and pumpkin every morning and we’ll see how it manages.

early morning start
dog getting
an ultrasound
tutoring and teaching
vet appointment

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  1. I sent you an e-mail reply. Glad everything went sort of well for Loyd. Hopefully you’ll be able to do Lizzie’s follow-up. Oliver is only on his anti-anxiety meds and he is doing great. Take care!

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