Saturday March 16, 2013

I started revising my second novel today. I had received my editor’s letter as well as the edited manuscript on Thursday. My editor really likes my novel which is most gratifying. She said, in part, “This book is a delightful children’s fantasy novel that has a very broad commercial appeal. You take your readers on a fantastical journey in a world very different from our own while exploring the depths of your protagonist’s personal journey. Your readers see Lucy grow from a scared, insecure, abused child into a young woman with tremendous empathy, intelligence, bravery, and physical skill. We also witness her heart expand, as she finds not only a family that loves and nurtures her but also true love with Gretchen.” I am really excited. I do think that I have written an even stronger novel this time, and I look forward to getting it ready for publication. And my editor didn’t have a lot corrections to suggest so I think the revisions will move forward fairly easily. I also proctored a proficiency exam for my friend so she could test out of a class. After all that, I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers and having a short nap. I am now watching the documentary “I Am,” which my vet recommended to me and which I highly recommend. We are all connected!

to edit my second novel
a friend’s test
napping and reading

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  1. Thanks, Lydia. I also don’t know but I do have National Novel Writing Month to thank–give me a challenge and I’ll try for it! Both of my novels were written (1st drafts) this way and that I think is the hardest part–just getting it down so you can work with it.

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