Saturday March 23, 2013

I worked hard all day on my novel revisions and made very good progress. I have now worked my way through all the editorial comments and I have made nearly all the changes and additions I need to make. Tomorrow I will finish, I hope, by making my male characters more real. No surprise that my males are pretty much all the same. Why I had to make my principle family one with four boys and two girls, and then one of the girls has a boy friend as does one the brothers. So I am left with a father, four brothers, and two boyfriends. Thankfully, two of the brothers have rather minor roles, and my editor likes what I did with the father. That still leaves four men to flesh out tomorrow. I also have made good headway on the map of my world, which I also to have finished tonight or tomorrow. Then I should be ready to send it all back to my editor for them to make up a proof copy.

working hard
on my novel
figuring out
more on my map
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