Sunday March 24, 2013

I have had a very pleasant quiet day. Oliver got us all up earlier than I would have liked (6:45), but it worked out ok. I finished both the map and the revisions for my book and sent them back to my publisher. Provided all the files are in order, the next step will be a proof copy of my novel and I imagine I’ll be receiving that in two-three weeks. With that task completed, I have nothing on my plate for a bit. I submitted the first assignment for my creative writing class yesterday, so I am now awaiting comments. Fair Isle Animal Clinic had an open house today to mark the changing of the guard. Two vets have owned the practice for over 30 years and now they have sold it to one of the other vets, a younger vet. I went to the open house to congratulate and support them all as I really appreciate the wonderful care they provide. I really don’t do this sort of thing well at all, but since I had received a hand written invitation I felt I should go. I enjoyed seeing the entire clinic and I wished everyone well, and I came home after about half hour. I then spent the remainder of the afternoon reading and napping.

the novel’s map
and revisions
an open house