Wednesday March 27, 2013

I have had a wondrous day!  I worked hard at Student Link and then came home to find the proof copy of my haiku book.  It looks fantastic, if I do say so myself, and so I okayed it for publication.  I ordered some copies to give to friends and also asked how soon it would be before I received my twenty-five free copies.  I am so excited!  It should be available soon on Amazon. com, but for all of you who received a free copy of my novel, just wait as you will get a copy of this as well.  I went off to teach my bridge class and go to my therapy appointment, and then when I got home I received a phone call from Nan with very exciting news–two of our students passed their End of Course state required exam for Algebra I.  Both of them had really struggled with this test and had failed it before, so we were thrilled for them that this time it all worked!    Then Dr. Nell and Connie arrived to check out my pets and do their acupuncture.  Every one is doing well.  It has been a great day all the way around.

the proof of
my haiku book
arrived looking great
now published
flying high

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