Saturday March 30, 2013

I love weekends! I worked on the assignment for my creative writing class, and while I don’t like the assignment as much as last week’s, I think I have a handle on it. I will review it later tonight or tomorrow before submitting it. It isn’t due until Tuesday so I am in good shape. I also managed to get a decent photo of myself (not an easy thing to do) which I could use on Twitter, Google, etc. Then I spent most of the afternoon reading a new Lord Peter Whimsey mystery, before Dr. Nell called to discuss Oliver. The anti-anxiety med we had him on made him more aggressive so we had to take him off it. But he is still doing more growling than either of us want, growling at Chauncey, Thackeray, and Calliope. Dr. Nell called in another prescription, this time generic paxil which is used to treat both global anxiety and aggression, so we are hoping this will help him sort his issues. I then had to run out to the pharmacy to pick up the new med and while I was there I treated myself to some really cute rubber duckies for my hot tub. The Easter Bunny has arrived early.

working on
my own homework
updating my internet photo
afternoon of reading
a few errands