Thursday April 4, 2013

It has been a very busy week from beginning to end. I catalogued materials, marked papers, proctored exams, and generally tried to get everything caught up before I left. Then I ran a bunch of errands, picking up my buyer’s club order at Minglement, hunting for fabric for graduation quilts at Island Quilter, picking up dog food at Pandora’s Box, and finally getting a few groceries at Thriftway. I got home barely in time to put things away before my first student. I then had four students to tutor as I ended my last day before spring break. I am really looking forward to the time off and I hope to do some writing and quilting. It has been a very rainy day today which personally I prefer. Somehow, on sunny days everyone keeps saying how great it is to be outside and how much I must enjoy being out in my lovely yard. I agree that my yard is utterly magnificent, but I really don’t like being outside at all. I have tons of windows, many very large, and I truly enjoy my yard through them. So on days like this I don’t even have to make up a reason to stay inside and watch the gentle rains through the windows.

marking papers
cataloguing books
running errands
tutoring students
a rainy day

5 thoughts on “Thursday April 4, 2013

  1. Wow, how many quilts would you say you sew in a year?

    What don’t you like about being outside?

    I can understand wanting to stay indoors when it rains. Thunderstorms can become violent quickly but it’s still nice to sit somewhere warm and dry to listen to the rain and thunder and look for lightning. I find the sound of storms to be incredibly soothing (assuming there aren’t any tornado warnings!)

  2. I sew probably 50+ quilts a year. I did more the first year, but I’ve slowed down as I’ve found other interests. My quilts are almost all lap quilts. And I don’t know why I don’t like going outside. Part of it is fear after years of mean neighbors. Part of it is having been married to someone who said we needed to be outside all the time, in Illinois and Michigan with bugs, mosquitos, etc. I do go out when I have a purpose, such as picking up dog poop, and last year my therapist encouraged me to build an addition on my deck for chairs and I have enjoyed sitting outside on nice days for a bit, reading and playing games. So no easy answers but I don’t feel driven to go out on a nice day as most around here do when the rain stops. I too love storms, from the inside, snug and warm. Thanks for asking!

  3. Thanks, Lydia. Living with fear is challenging for sure, but it is what it is. People don’t tend to handle differences well and I am certainly the odd person out and always have been. But on the positive side, I think it is why I relate so well to my students and am able to help them. Always a plus to the minuses. Cheers!

  4. Thanks you, dear friend, for your kind and sensitive reply and of course you are quite right. I think way too much about others and their opinions. Your reply is so wonderful! Thank you from the depths of my heart! You are a true friend! And yes, I am now on Spring break. I will be home almost all the time except early afternoon on Wednesday and Friday morning. It is wonderful! And if you are ever free, I’d love to see you! Hugs!

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