Monday April 8, 2013

I started the day cutting most of the strips and squares for the three graduation quilts I will be making for this year’s graduates. Then I had fun trying to pick up dog poop that was pretty well soaked after  last week’s rains. And I knew it was a mistake to change my sheets a few days ago as Laoise was sick on my quilt so I had to change my sheets and wash the quilt. It is always so fun to try to dry such a large quilt in the dryer, even with the aid of my large stuffed koala which I put in the center to keep it from balling up. Anyway, my bed is now changed and the quilt is dry. I finished reading the first novel I am reviewing and I plan to write my review tomorrow. It was a good book, Witchling by Ari Harper.

cutting fabric
for three quilts
nearly complete
finishing a novel
ready to review

2 thoughts on “Monday April 8, 2013

  1. No not fun and usually I don’t have as many rainy days in a row, but such is life, and I don’t know where I’d be without my dogs (and cats) so it is just what is.

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