Thursday April 11, 2013

I started piecing one of the graduation quilts today. I got all the squares sewn into strips so now it is just a matter of assembling the strips and the square strips in alternating fashion, followed by a border. Then I rearranged a few cupboards and spent the afternoon reading and napping. The day, which started with rain has ended with sun. My friend Kathy said that it could freeze one night over the weekend, but my forecast doesn’t indicate that and I hope for the sake of the yard and more importantly her nursery, that it doesn’t.

to piece a quilt
rearranging a cupboard
reading a book
and taking a nap

One thought on “Thursday April 11, 2013

  1. Well, I have two forecasts, my computer and my phone, and they agree that Sunday night will be the coldest but they have the temps as either 37 or 35, neither very good and I’m sure your babies will be happier under blankets. Funny after having such a comparatively warm winter, but that’s the weather. Hugs back!

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