Monday April 15, 2013

Spring Break is now over. I had a lovely break during which I cut fabric for three graduation quilts, laid out all three, and pieced one top. Today is my fourth anniversary as a quilter and I have made 210 quilts and now also have three in process since I first walked into Island Quilter on 4/15/09 and told Anja I wanted to learn to quilt. I read six books and wrote four book reviews. I cleaned a few cupboards and watched my frog pond sanctuary get installed (it will be wonderful!). And I ended up tutoring two students today, encouraging them to keep working hard to finish their work so they will graduate. All in all, it has been a lovely break, marred only by the tragic news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. My heart goes out to all those affected. I hope one day we may all live in peace without such senseless tragedies.

writing a review
reading a book
writing a second review
two students
spring break ends

3 thoughts on “Monday April 15, 2013

  1. I have to admit that a week spent reading and writing is my idea of a good vacation as well. 🙂

    Silly question – when your frog pond is finished will you buy/borrow/steal frogs to put into it or will they move in of their own accord?

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