Tuesday April 16, 2013

Student Link resumed today and  it started out slowly, thankfully. I tried working with the library data base but it is hopeless, with too many people with too little knowledge and no system entering data over the years. I showed Nan some of the more bizarre entries, and she has contacted her boss about it and we shall see. Personally I think we have to start over from scratch but that would be a very, very large job and way beyond what my volunteer time would allow. Anyway, I helped a few students and came home to find a student waiting for me. Then I got a break before my late afternoon students, and I spent it starting another book to be reviewed. The proof copy for my second novel, The Egg That Wouldn’t Hatch, arrived today and I checked it out. It looks fine, not that there won’t be the inevitable typos, and I okayed it for publication. I’ll post the Amazon.com link as soon as it is live. And my A Year of Haiku is now finally available on Kindle as well as in print, so it has been a good day.

school resumes
my haiku book on kindle
my second novel published
tutoring students
a sunny day