Saturday April 20, 2013

Poosa got us all up at 7AM, but I decided to go back to bed after the dogs went out and returned, and slept in until 8:45. This did shorten the morning, but it was lovely. By the time I got my Saturday chores, such as sorting my weekly meds, emptying the dishwasher, sending out the Friday night bridge results, etc., it was noon. But I still managed to get another book review completed and begin work on my homework for my creative writing class. Then I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading and napping with Calliope and Thackeray on top of me and Oliver next to me. It was most pleasant. I was disappointed when I got my mail to find only one complimentary copy of second novel. I was supposed to be getting 45 copies. I am not sure why CreateSpace is having so many difficulties with my complimentary copies. I’ve been waiting for over a month for the copies of A Year of Haiku and now their are obviously having problems with The Egg That Wouldn’t Hatch. I sure hope they sort it all out soon as I really want to start giving them away!

a book review
and a rough draft
of my homework
napping and reading