Monday April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day! It certainly has been a beautiful one in this part of the world. I worked on a quilt top this morning and then this afternoon I finished the book I was reading for a review. I also wrote and submitted the review, and I now have to wait until the site catches up with me as I don’t have any books in hand although I have requested two more. But that’s probably ok, for the moment, because I’ll be back at work tomorrow with lots less time for reading. I had one student to help today and another who dropped off work, so I have work to correct as well. Lance came by to clean my ponds and surprised me with a bunch of of tadpoles for my frog sanctuary! I am thrilled. He also added rocks around it and in it to make it more decorative and more frog friendly. Kathy is getting me some water plants as well. Lance figures that I’ll have lots of frogs in about three weeks. I can’t wait!!

piecing part
of a quilt top
finishing a novel
writing a review
tadpoles in the frog pond

5 thoughts on “Monday April 22, 2013

  1. I am so excited. I can’t wait to add the plants and I sure hope the frogs like my little sanctuary! Thank you and thanks to Lance as well. Love you too!

  2. Thanks, Jules, and I don’t know what a group of frogs is called, but I like a knot of toads and I like your poem. I’ll let you know about my frogs, who I hope will love their new sanctuary!

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