I had a nice morning at Student Link and then had to run some errands, which turned out to be more challenging than I’d hoped, but I finally got home. I discovered all my complimentary copies for both of my latest books had arrived. It was fun to open the boxes. I did discover that I got an extra 45 copies of The Egg That Wouldn’t Hatch, so I now have 90 instead of the promised 45. I let CreateSpace know but I haven’t heard back from them yet. I’m having so much fun giving them away! Our weather has turned warm (70’s today!) so I decided it was time to make my summer PJ shorts. Thanks to the fact that one student had to cancel because his allergies were horrible, one didn’t show (a first for that particular student), and the last two didn’t have a ride, I ended up with no students and so I was able to spend the afternoon sewing. I now have two pairs of shorts completed and another two cut out. I will make a total of seven pairs so I can have a clean pair every night. I hope to work on that this weekend. Our weather is supposed to return to cold and rainy, but I want to be prepared for summer, always assuming that we get it this year.

one student canceled
one student didn’t show
two students lost their ride
an afternoon
of sewing