Saturday April 27, 2013

I spent the morning marking one of my student’s papers and texting two students to remind them of the upcoming deadline for their work. They need to finish most of their work by Tuesday if they are to graduate, and I am trying to keep them on track. Then I did the last assignment for my creative writing class, before settling into my recliner and reading another novel, a science fiction/fantasy which was very good and which I plan to review tomorrow.

marking papers
sending reminder texts
finishing my homework
another novel
ready for reviewing

One thought on “Saturday April 27, 2013

  1. I love doing the reviews. I think it makes me a better reader and hopefully a better writer as well. I get to pick the books from a database and so far I’ve picked either Young Adult or Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy. Three of my reviews have been published so far and today I wrote my eighth review. I write about what works for me as a reader or what doesn’t, what the strengths and/or weaknesses are, and so forth. There is no form or questions to answer. It is up to me. And all school work for Student Link has to be turned in by the last day of May. We have two students who are pushing to graduate and they have to have most of their work done by Tuesday so that they only have their culminating project to do in May. Hugs!

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