Friday May 3, 2013

I had my therapy appointment and then I delivered more of my books, including one of each to the Vashon Library where they will be on the Current Picks shelf for awhile for higher circulation. Eventually, they will go onto the Vashon author’s shelf along with all the other Vashon authors. I find that to be pretty exciting. I also saw my osteopath and apparently my left hip wasn’t quite as bad so the treatment was less painful, thankfully. I came home and read for the remainder of the afternoon, with a break to wash my outdoor furniture. The weather is so beautiful that I have all the windows open. I am looking forward to the gorgeous weekend. I may even try making some bermuda shorts to wear.

therapy appointment
giving away
more books
washing yard furniture

5 thoughts on “Friday May 3, 2013

  1. How exciting!

    Do you read the works of other Vashon authors? I’d love it if my library had something like that. 🙂

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