Tuesday May 7, 2013

Calliope thinks that 5AM is a wonderful time to get up and she starts by racing across my bedroom, from dresser to bed (across my head, of course) to dresser. Then she shakes the mirror, which starts the dogs barking. I yell “no,” and it all quiets for a bit. Then it all starts up again 30 minutes to an hour later and continues until I finally give up. I hold out for 7AM or later. Anyway, then the dogs went out but were disturbed by the sprinklers which were still going. Turns out the clock was an hour and half slow. That has now been remedied so tomorrow things should run more smoothly. I tutored several students at Student Link, and then I had time to finish my novel and write a review before my afternoon student arrived. After that I added water to both ponds as the level had dropped in the heat. I am glad that the weather has cooled. It is still sunny and lovely, but not nearly so hot.

tutoring algebra
geometry, and trig
filling both ponds
finishing one book
and its review

2 thoughts on “Tuesday May 7, 2013

  1. I hope well. Turns out I started with eggs and I think by now they should be tadpoles hiding in the rocks inside the pond. Time will tell, but I’m hoping that before too long they will be big enough to see!

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