Thursday May 9, 2013

There was lots to do at Student Link. In addition to tutoring several students, I also started making a list of all the library books that are checked out, so we can be sure that everything gets turned in before the school year ends. I got the A-O’s done, and I hope to finish the rest next Tuesday. Then I went to Minglement to pick up the large buyer’s club order I placed on Monday, but when I got there I was told that my order had been misplaced and hence never placed. I had to run up to Thriftway to get enough for the week and then my order is supposed to be in next Thursday. I had several students to tutor this afternoon and I also got three new pieces of cat furniture, two purple and one red, so I had to shift things around to get them all situated. Thackeray and Calliope love them and imagine Laoise will also when she finds them.

purple and red
cat furniture delivered
everything shifts
tutoring students
snatching a nap


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