Saturday May 11, 2013

I got up and started my Saturday chores. I looked outside and discovered that one of my conifers in the front had died almost overnight. When I went to pull it out I saw two neighboring ones that were also dying so I pulled them as well. I sent Kathy an e-mail and called Lance. I’m sure between them they will be able to tell me what happened. I also had to trim a lot from another cypress in the back and remove some plants from a pot, I think because they hadn’t gotten water, and Lance will address my sprinkler issues on Monday as well. It was heartbreaking to lose plants so fast, but I know it happens and most of my yard is looking spectacularly wonderful, so I am focusing on that. After all that, I spent the rest of the day finishing a review book and writing the review. The promised rain has shifted back another day, but hopefully it will come soon and be substantial.

Saturday chores
dead conifers
reading a novel
writing a review

One thought on “Saturday May 11, 2013

  1. I sent an e-mail to you about 8:30 or 9 and I called Lance about 11:30 and talked with him about both the plants and the sprinklers so he’d be better prepared on Monday. I put everything in the garage as I panicked that it might spread even more. Glad you had a good day today! Hugs!

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