Thursday May 16, 2013

The school year is winding down and so I didn’t have nearly as many students this week at Student Link. It was almost boring and I ended up reading and playing solitaire for part of the time. The students have just two more weeks to get all their work in. I stopped at Minglement on my way home and thankfully this week my order was all ready for me. I was able to pick up six cases of edamame, four cases of canned pumpkin, and two cases of Boca vegan nuggets. I now have my freezers really full and so I’m sending the Amy’s dinners that I don’t seem to fancy anymore over to Anja’s as she, Paul, and Lukas really like them. That will allow me to use the freezer space more easily. I read and took a quick nap after lunch and then tutored three more students before my day was finished.

and tutoring
running errands
more reading
and tutoring