Friday May 17 2013

I spent the morning quilting and writing. A fellow blogger wrote a post with 10 really thought provoking questions and I wanted to answer them, 10 Questions While I’m Writing.  She is also writing a wonderful story in installments called After the Storm, and so far there have been seven installments.  The links to the earlier parts are at the top of each post. After the morning of writing, I went to my appointment with my osteopath, with a bit of anxiety since my pain levels were so high. I set off my TMJ for the first time in years, the result of trying to eat some dried fruit. That effort then sent all my pain levels skyrocketing. My osteopath tried a different gentler approach today, working on trying to lesson the pain triggers and we shall hope that it works. Certainly the session was much less painful. I came home expecting to have a student to tutor, but he must have forgotten. Instead I had a lovely afternoon reading and napping.  I am watching a classic Agatha Christie movie, Murder Most Foul with the incomparable Dame Margaret Rutherford.

a morning
spent writing
an osteopath appointment
reading and napping
watching Murder Most Foul

3 thoughts on “Friday May 17 2013

  1. All of the above as far as where the pain is, and TMJ is jaw pain, known as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. The link to the 10 questions was in the post along with the link to Lydia’s story and the movie, but they didn’t show well as both the links and the text were blue. I apologize. If you click on the now pink where it says 10 questions, you’ll find the questions and my answers are in my comment below. Hope this helps! Hugs!

  2. I’m so sorry your TMJ is causing you so much pain, Daphne.

    Thanks for the link. I’m glad you liked my questions.

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