Monday May 20, 2013

I pinned all three of the graduation quilts this morning and also cut the binding strips so I am in good shape to complete them well ahead of graduation on June 13th. I plan to quilt them next weekend, and square and bind them on the following one. After that I read another novel and wrote its review. I have now written 22 reviews since I started on April 9th, and I have certainly found a lot of really enjoyable books which I would never have found otherwise.

three quilts
cutting binding
reading a novel
writing a review

One thought on “Monday May 20, 2013

  1. I tend not to read books (or watch movies/tv shows/etc) unless someone has recommended them or I have read a good review. I stick with what I know, what is safe and comforting, so I re-read a lot. But this “job” as reviewer has me reading books after only seeing a blurb about them, and for me that is a stretch. So far, everything I have picked I have liked and many have been very good. There is a database with descriptions of the books in various categories and for various ages. So far I have stuck with Science Fiction/Fantasy, both Young Adult and Adult, but I am now branching out to mysteries. The books are sent to me as PDF files, once I submit my request. I write 250+ words about the book, after I rate it (3+ stars), and I usually talk about what worked for me–the characters, the pace, the setting, whatever. So far I haven’t had any that I’ve had to downgrade because of poor editing, but I guess that does happen. But I try to write what I would like to know about the book if I were debating reading it. The publisher sends a photo with the back cover blurb so I try not to repeat plot lines. Here is a link to one of my reviews:
    Hope that answers your questions and I look forward to seeing you if it works out. Hugs.

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