Tuesday May 21, 2013

I now have lots of books that one of the high school teachers has donated to catalog when I don’t have students to work with, so I won’t be bored. I catalogued two of them today and also marked papers, gave an exam, and answered questions from a couple students. I then went to my therapy appointment and came home to an afternoon of tutoring made more difficult by the fact that I got the hiccups and couldn’t stop them. It certainly made for an interesting session, but after my students left I managed to get them to stop. I usually manage well with a teaspoon of sugar, but I no longer have any sugar in the house. That will change tomorrow when I get some sugar into my medicinal remedy cupboard.

cataloguing books
marking papers
helping a student
trying to tutor
through the hiccups

3 thoughts on “Tuesday May 21, 2013

  1. Wow, You had quite a busy day!

    I have no idea if you like any of these foods, but eating or drinking pickle juice, peanut butter, salt, lemon juice, and vinegar are some other traditional options for getting rid of the hiccups.

    I’ve also tried holding my breath, but that just makes me hiccup harder. 😛

  2. Thanks, Lydia. The only one of those which I have in the house is salt and I didn’t know that one, but I shan’t forget it! And tomorrow I will pick up a very small bag of sugar to have on hand as I’ve found that to be foolproof. But I am very glad to know about the salt as I always have that for my edamame! Cheers!

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