Wednesday May 22, 2013

Thackeray and Calliope didn’t wake the household this morning, so I was nearly late to Student Link. I helped a student with a compare and contrast essay and marked some math homework. After lunch I taught my bridge class and then stopped at the market for a few things. I found out that my soy yogurt company is having production problems and so I could only get a few flavors. Everything else is out of stock with no known availability, which is very disheartening, but at least I was able to get enough for the next two weeks and I hope the company sorts itself out by then. I came home and had a student to tutor in geometry, after which Dr. Nell came over for the biweekly vet visit. Everyone is thankfully doing just fine.

rain falling
in the hot tub
teaching writing
and bridge
biweekly vet visit