Sunday May 26, 2013

I worked on my homework today and I have a much better handle on things. I looked over the notes for my Tanka class and got some inspiration for revising the two tanka I submitted for the first assignment. We were given the choice of revising or writing new and I felt I would learn more by revising. I’ve started on that process. Then I looked more carefully at the assignment for my fiction writing class and realized that there were actually three parts to the assignment. I submitted the answer to this week’s question, and then submitted a piece from my last class for critique. We have to submit something for critique twice during the course, and by the next time, I’ll have something new written. But I’d thought that what was to be submitted was this week’s assignment. And the third part of the work was to add my comments to the three pieces which were submitted last week. I got that all done, and I hope to have my tanka revisions ready to submit tomorrow. After all that I decided to clean the drain for my outside shower. I don’t think I have ever done that before, and it was both dirty and heavy work so I suspect I won’t do it again for awhile either. I then finished reading a novel, wrote its review, and started another.

revising tanka
finishing homework
cleaning the shower drain
watching hummingbirds
on the velociraptor


2 thoughts on “Sunday May 26, 2013

  1. Thanks for all the news and I do understand about end of May exhaustion. I am loving my classes, and yes, they are both writing classes. One is fiction writing and one is poetry, specifically tanka which is another short form of poetry from Japan, a five line poem. They will run into the summer. Chauncey and crew are all fine. Hope you had a good time with Kelly and kids. Hugs!

  2. You can thank Chad for the photos (Chad from the library who also follows you on Facebook) as he always asks me to take photos and that got me thinking that it would be nice to add a photo to my daily haikus. So glad you are enjoying them!

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