Wednesday May 29, 2013

Well, I was wrong about May being slow! It just took awhile to get off the ground, but today I was run off my feet trying to help students with geometry and algebra. Then I had to delay lunch so I could go to the dentist to get a filling checked out. Apparently the rough spot my tongue found is from a fracture in a molar and the loss of a bit of filling. Dr. Rasmussen buffed it as much as he could without jeopardizing the integrity of the filling, and it is better, but still a bit rough. We’ll revisit it all when I come in for my next cleaning in July. I then went to teach my bridge class after which I finally got my lunch. After that I had one student to tutor before my day was finished.

after the rain
hummingbirds mating
birds singing
all around the yard
firs swaying