Monday June 3, 2013

Kathy came over this morning to look at all trees because the island has some nasty conifer diseases and she wanted to be sure that my yard is okay. She found a few problems but hopefully nothing major. I should hear back from her soon. She did mention that the neighbor’s fir that overhangs into my yard over some of my trees is not looking good. I can legally cut what is on my side of the fence, so I decided, after I took the dogs to the groomers, to try to trim the tree. Much of it I could do with either no ladder or a short ladder, but in the end, one branch needed both the eight-food ladder and a saw. And there are still a few more that Lance’s guys will get next Monday when they are here, but I cut the worst of the branches. I managed to get all the branches to the edge of the yard and then later Lance got them down the hill for me. He also sprayed my conifers again as he’d done two weeks ago and hopefully that will take care of everything. After he left, I moved a blue pot with a blue spruce in it out to a sunnier spot. Kathy told me that it would do better if it had more sun, so I got my dolly out of the garage and managed to move the pot out to the edge of the yard by my velociraptor. I may not move tomorrow, but I feel good tonight knowing that I can still look after things when I need to.

on an eight foot ladder
sawing a branch
using the loppers
the tree is trimmed
and a pot moved