Wednesday June 5, 2013

This morning at Student Link one of our students presented his senior culminating project, an introduction to Non-Violent Communication. He did a fantastic job and we all learned a lot. After lunch I went to teach my bridge class and then to see my therapist. I had a student to tutor in geometry before Dr. Nell came for our bi-weekly vet visit. The dogs all got vaccines in addition to the usual check-ups. Then when we got to Calliope, Dr. Nell found that her ears were really bad. Dr. Nell thought that it was ear mites, which would have been a big deal, treating all six of my fur friends, but when she got back to Fair Isle and looked under the microscope, she decided that it was a nasty yeast infection–possibly a seasonal allergy. Now we’ll see how much Calliope likes getting ear drops with massage once a day.

a student presents
his senior project
my bridge class
vet visit

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