Sunday June 9, 2013

It has been quite a day one way and another. I did scoop a bit more algae, but it only took about ten minutes. I shall stay on top of it now with hopes that I can get rid of it. I talked to Lance about it when he stopped by with my bill and he agrees. We also talked about working out a system whereby he and I can get the bill figured out each week so neither of us has to worry about it and I won’t get unpleasant surprises as I got today. I am definitely a “pay as you go” type person. Lance is so helpful and understanding and I am very lucky to have him helping. I also cut the rest of the fabric for the quilt I am working on and I hope that tomorrow I will be able sew the rest of the squares. I read a fun novel today about a time traveler and then I wrote a review for it. I also finished up all my homework for my two classes. I actually did the haiku homework yesterday and today I got my fiction writing assignment turned in and finished commenting on the submissions by other students so I’m all caught up for the moment.

scooping algae
again, but less
cutting quilt fabric
reading a book and
writing a review