Monday June 10, 2013

I have had a busy and productive day. I finished piecing the quilt top I’ve been working on for a friend’s grandchild. I also cut and washed the flannel for the backs for that quilt and the next two which I will make for Vashon Youth and Family Services. After that I read another review book and wrote the review. Lance and his guys were here today doing a ton of things, primarily putting down the annual tree treatment for all the conifers, trimming trees, and then adding more sprinklers to areas which are not getting watered because so much as grown. There are still three other areas that will need additional sprinklers and Lance thought he would be able to do that as well as fertilizing everything next Monday. Then hopefully my yard will be set for summer.

another day
another book and review
a quilt top finished
three backs cut
and washed