Thursday June 13, 2013

I am liking summer! I didn’t have to be anywhere until Student Link’s graduation in the afternoon, so in the morning I got my Student Link gifts ready (quilts and copies of my books), and then I finished the baby quilt for my friend’s granddaughter. I’ll be able to give it to my friend tomorrow. I then got to read for a bit before dressing and heading out to graduation. The ceremony was beautiful and of course, I cried when I said my part. Then one of the students gave a heart-warming speech thanking us and what he had to say about the difference I have made in his life since we met at Study Zone at the library in his freshman year was heartfelt and amazing. I was blown away. All three boys seemed to like their quilts a lot. It was an emotional but wonderful graduation. I got home in time to tutor a student for his math final tomorrow. It is late, but since school is now over for me (unless one of my students wants help with geology over the weekend), I’m not worried about a late night. I’m planning to do a lot of quilting this summer since we might have fourteen graduates next year–a ton of quilts!!

and my last
tutoring session
school year


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