Sunday June 16, 2013

I have had a lovely magical day, thanks to a wonderful half-hour when a magnificent doe hopped over my four-foot front fence and ate lunch in my yard. The dogs were even kind enough to stop barking but they kept an eagle-eye out the front window. I took a bunch of photos through my windows as she grazed. I know that many people on the island find the deer to be a nuisance, especially gardeners, but I’d always rather have the deer! It is nice that they don’t like conifers and conifers are my favorite and anything else is fair game. It’s like my strawberries–I am so grateful to the dogs and even more so to the slugs who enjoy my strawberries because I could never eat all of them. This way everyone is happy and nothing goes to waste. Anyway, I did homework this morning, turning in my fiction writing assignment and doing the first draft of my tanka assignment. Then I relaxed and read all afternoon, finishing another novel which I then wrote the review for. All in all, it has been a lovely day.

magical day
a doe lunches
in my front yard
cleaning my desk
reading a novel


4 thoughts on “Sunday June 16, 2013

  1. Nice shot.

    I think the other reason why people don’t like deer is because so many accidents happen when cars and deer try to use the same roads. It’s not the deer’s fault,of course, but I know someone who was seriously injured in one of these accidents.

    Other than reintroducing their natural predators I don’t know what the solution is to this dilemma, but I do love watching them feed at dawn and dusk. Deer are such naturally graceful creatures. 🙂

  2. It would be nice if green space were considered when building housing developments so deer and other animails could migrate between larger areas. Early this spring I found deer tracks, large and small in the mud of our gully.
    great shot!

  3. Yes, Lydia, it is a complex problem. We live on a rural island and all too often people forget that we are sharing with deer, raccoons, coyote, and even the occasional bear. We lost a fine young man earlier this year in a car accident where the guess is that he was driving a bit too fast but that he swerved to avoid either a deer or more likely a raccoon as the spot is a raccoon crossing. Always tough. I do hope that not only with deer but with all life humankind can someday learn to share this beautiful earth. Thanks for your comments!

  4. Yes, Jules, that would be nice. I live on a rural island and if my yard didn’t have a tall privacy fence around it and just a one-car wide driveway, the deer would be able to roam more easily. But I need my fence, so instead I’ve created a deer sanctuary in my ravine, planting all sorts of plants that they love. It is far from the roads so it should help to keep everyone safe. But every once in awhile, one does come in my driveway and that makes for a special moment for me. Thanks!

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