Wednesday July 19, 2013

While I was soaking in my hot tub this morning I noticed that the pump on my backyard pond was sounding as if it was running dry. So on my way to the shower I took a look and moved the filter enough so it was running. Then after I got dressed I went out and discovered the filter was totally clogged. I had not expected it since Lance had cleaned it just 36 hours earlier, but I got out my nets and buckets so I could clean the filter and scoop out a bunch of algae. Once I had everything cleaned the pump was much happier. I spent the rest of the morning working on my two quilts and I have all the squares completed for the daughter’s quilt. I taught my bridge class and then read a new book as I waited for our vet visit. Dr. Nell couldn’t believe how clean and perfect Calliope’s ears look. Two weeks ago Calliope’s ears were horrible! Thackeray has problems with one eye, but otherwise, everyone is healthy and the dogs all got their acupuncture just fine. After that, I finished the book I was reading and then wrote its review. It is now definitely time to call it a day!

morning hot tub soak
pond pump groans
scooping algae
the filter cleaned
pumping resumes