Thursday June 20, 2013

I love cloudy weather! It always seems so peaceful and calm. And it also means no algae blooms in my pond. This morning I was cutting off dead tips on some trees and I wandered around the yard just enjoying the cool day. I came across two lovely big groups of mushrooms hiding in the shade. I also saw a squirrel on the top of a fence post, and had fun watching a lot of crows swooping around the yard. Then I worked on more quilt piecing and I now have half of the squares done for the mom’s quilt. I had the first of my summer students here today. I just have two, possibly three, and this particular student will be coming every two or three weeks, so nicely low key for us both. The other two haven’t set up anything definite. And then there was another book and a review.

through the yard
around the corner
under the ferns