Sunday June 23, 2013

I started the day just puttering around the house, cutting fabric for quilt borders, changing out the filters on my hot tub, but when I got out of my hot tub soak and shower I found a voice message from Blythe. She’d seen what she took to be a dragon plant holder at a craft show on the island. I called her back and she’d already left, but then she called back to say she’d decided to go back if I wanted to meet her there. I jumped at the invitation, dressed really fast, and headed out (without breakfast, but I’d get that later). Turns out that while the shape could have been a dragon, it was actually designed to be a seahorse. However, we had a lovely time going through all the various garden art booths and with Blythe’s help, I chose a stone garden sculpture for my yard. It was a lot of fun. I came home and finished the rest of the quilt squares for the two quilts I’m making. I now have all the pieces ready to assemble for both quilts. I spent the afternoon, you guessed it, reading another book and writing its review. It has been a wonderful day.

changing filters
in my hot tub
piecing quilt squares
going to craft booths
with a friend