Monday June 24, 2013

I always start my day with the same routine. I feed my six fur friends and then, after brushing my teeth, etc. I head into the sauna to read for 20-30 minutes. This morning I had to stay on schedule because Lance was bringing a couple guys to work in my yard at 9AM. However, this well-orchestrated plan didn’t take into account the novel I have just started. It is Frost Burned, the seventh in Patricia Brigg’s Mercedes Thompson series and I got so caught up in it that I read for 45 minutes and then had to race through the hot tub and shower to be dressed before the guys arrived. It is wonderful what effect a good book can have. Anyway, once I got going I worked on my two quilts. I now have the two tops nearly completed. They just need their borders, which I will do tomorrow or the next day. I spent the afternoon reading a fantastic review novel and then I wrote its review.

two quilt tops
nearly pieced
in the frog planter
a hummingbird