Thursday June 27, 2013

Well, I was determined to get something done today, pain or no pain, so I quilted both quilts, squared them, and sewed the bindings before I headed out to have lunch with Nan to celebrate the end of the school year. When I returned I bound both of them so they are now ready to be delivered to Vashon Youth and Family Services. I then read an excellent book and wrote its review. I was glad it was a good one, because yesterday’s book was thankfully very short as it was also pretty lame. However, it is only the second book I haven’t really enjoyed out of the forty-four books I have now reviewed, so really, that isn’t half bad. My fur friends are saying that enough is enough and they want their dinner, so that’s it for now.

quilting, squaring,
and binding two quilts
lunch with a friend
reading a novel
and picking strawberries