Friday June 28, 2013

I had to be up and dressed by 7:15AM this morning, which isn’t my idea of a good thing. I decided the best plan of action was simply to skip the sauna and hot tub, make the pets wait a bit for their breakfast, and go out to the shower when I let the dogs out. I was dressed and ready at 7:15 and Jason, my tree guy was here at 7:18! Jason did an excellent and quick job. The six trees that were brutalized by the utility company came down, and a few others which weren’t quite so damaged were cleaned up. There are still a lot of other trees on the street which look horrible, but at least mine have been cleaned up. After that I went off to therapy and then my osteopath. Yesterday was freezing cold (well for summer) and today the temperatures turned hot and sunny, reaching the mid-eighties. We are supposed to get into the nineties by Tuesday, which doesn’t exactly thrill me, not that I have any say in it. I spent the remainder of the afternoon reading a book and writing its review.

yesterday’s rain
turning to today’s heat
more heat ahead
the cat sleeping
in the sun