Sunday June 30, 2013

Yesterday was hot, but today has been much hotter, and tomorrow is supposed to be yet hotter. Right now it is still 83 outside and 81 in my living room. So far I haven’t had to turn on the air-conditioning but I suspect that tomorrow will be a different story. Anyway, in the coolness (relatively speaking) of the morning I finished cutting the fabric for my bed quilt top, except for the borders, that is. I can begin piecing it tomorrow. I’ve designed it so that I will use 3 different 12″ squares. There are a total of 49 squares needed, so I will have 17 solid squares, and 16 each of two pieced designs. One is called the rail, and it is made with three 4″ x 12″ rectangles pieced into a 12″ square, and the other is called a 9-patch–nine 4″ squares also making a 12″ square. In addition, I wrote the assignment for my fiction writing class. I spent the afternoon reading and napping. I finished a book and wrote its review.

cutting fabric
for a bed quilt
temperatures reach 92
a quiet afternoon
reading and napping