Tuesday July 2, 2013

I finished sewing the sixteen rail squares for my bed quilt, the last of the squares needed for my new bed quilt. I then laid all forty-nine squares out on the top of my bed. They had to overlap, but I could begin to get an idea about what the quilt will look like. I have the squares ordered now, and tomorrow I will start piecing them together. My afternoon activities included a visit with Blythe as she came to pick up my mahjong set so she, Carolyn, and Winnie could play. I couldn’t play because I had a therapy appointment and then a tutoring session with my second summer student. I did manage to get a quick nap in between the two appointments, and then as my student left, Blythe stopped by to return my mahjong set. I started another review book. This is the first day since June 14th where I haven’t both read a book and written a review, but I never expected my run to last for seventeen days!!

piecing sixteen
rail squares
adding to the rest
laying out the top
ready to sew



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