Wednesday July 3, 2013

I started piecing my bed quilt top today. I sewed all seven rows and then I sewed five of the rows together. I just have two more rows to add on before I put on the two borders, and I hope to do that tomorrow. With any luck I could be quilting it this weekend. I also taught my bridge class, after which I ran several errands. This was the week for Dr. Nell to come check on everyone. Chauncey has a very nasty sore on his back left paw and he has to wear a sock on it. Oliver’s front left paw had a weed seed in stuck in it which Nell dug out. And Poosa’s right ear is inflamed and full of yeast. So I have three dogs to treat now. If Poosa and Chauncey aren’t noticeably better by Friday, Dr. Nell will be back. She also said that today’s problems are heat related, so from now on I won’t be silly about turning on my air-conditioning when it gets hot. She also said that heat was especially hard on older dogs. Time to call it a day!

piecing half
of a quilt top
my bridge class
vet visit


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