Thursday July 4, 2013

I woke up this morning to discover that during the night someone had stolen my rainbow flag from my driveway and then lit a firecracker before taking off. I’m not even sure how they managed to get the flag down unless they had a ladder. It has been awhile since vandals have tried for my flag and it doesn’t feel good at all. I think one’s home should be sacred, and I find homophobia to be frightening on a lot of levels. Anyway, I’ve ordered two more flags so that I will always have a back-up on hand. I also ordered a second pole just in case. This time the pole was not damaged, but it has been in the past so I will be prepared in case it happens again. It really made for a horrible start to the day. I finally calmed down enough to work on my quilt. I picked out the flannel for the back and then got it cut into three pieces. It will get washed tomorrow. Then I finished piecing the top. I also worked a bit in the yard cutting down old blooms, and cleaning things up. I spent the afternoon reading and napping, and I finished the day by writing a review for the book.

waking up
to find an empty pole
my rainbow flag stolen
turning to quilting
a quilt top pieced


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