Friday July 5, 2013

I started the day with my therapy appointment, and after that I got back to quilting. First I sewed the back together. Then I figured out a better way to lay out my large quilts. The floor is the only place big enough to lay out the entire quilt at once, but the floor and I are not friends. So I have been trying to think of other options and today I found a very workable plan. I put the quilt on my lovely big kitchen counter. I started with the center of the top half and got that pinned. Then I slid the quilt to one side, pinned it, then slid it back to the other side, and pinned that. After that, I folded the top of the quilt over so I could get the bottom of the quilt on the counter and finish the job. It went surprisingly well and now I know that I can make any size quilt without having to crawl all over the floor. Then I had to take Chauncey to see Dr. Nell because his foot is worse. Nell took cultures and then gave me an antibiotic to use until on him until we get the lab results back. She will also be back out next Friday to check on both him and Poosa.

a quilt back
pinning the quilt
next step


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