Thursday July 11, 2013

Today is my seventh anniversary of my first trip to Vashon and purchasing my home. It was the best move of my life, and I’ve made a lot of them. I sewed the squares from the fabric I cut yesterday and I now have all 24 squares ready to assemble. I laid out all the squares so that I will be able to begin piecing the top this weekend. I then went over to Minglement and picked up my buyer’s club order. I’m glad I don’t do this often as I had eight cases of canned pumpkin, 1 case of pomegranate/blueberry organic juice (that was the heaviest item as it contained twelve 32oz bottles), two cases of Boca nuggets, and three cases of edamame. Once I got it all put away, I finished my book and wrote its review.

sewing squares
pressing them
laying them out
running errands
finishing a book


4 thoughts on “Thursday July 11, 2013

  1. Happy home anniversary! July 11 is/was a good day here too. As 7.11.13 is/was a very lucky day being the birthday of our newest family member, a granddaughter!


  2. Happy anniversary! Were you looking at homes in other areas as well back then? What made you decide Vashon was the perfect place for you?

    JulesPaige, congratulations on your new granddaughter. What wonderful news. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Lydia! I’m going to post my story soon, but no, I didn’t look anywhere else. I did an internet search for a quiet, private, gay friendly location near enough to Seattle to allow me fulfill my obligations there. Vashon had it all, and so I came over to island determined to buy a home. Three weeks later, I moved in.

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