Friday July 12, 2013

I have had a very busy day. I started with my therapy appointment and then after lunch a visit to my osteopath. She was able to confirm for me that giving up my recliner was a good plan. Apparently gravity pulls on my back in the wrong spot when I sit in my recliner. So I have the living room arranged so I sit on one of my couches instead. Chauncey likes it much better, and so does Oliver, although the cats aren’t convinced at all. But today, my osteopath confirmed that my back is better. When I came home, I decided to rethink the fabrics for my next quilt, and I cut more pieces. Tomorrow I’ll try them out and come to a decision. The last event of the day was a vet visit. Dr. Nell had Chauncey’s lab results, which showed that he had a staph infection but one that does respond to most antibiotics. We also decided that the small growth on his foot next to his staph infection needed to come off because Chauncey continues to lick it and our best guess is that his continuous irritation of the area is what has caused the staph infection. Chauncey was just as good as gold. One of my students who works at Fair Isle came along as well as a vet tech, and the three of us held and petted Chauncey while Dr. Nell cut off the growth. It was quick and fast and Chauncey has enough lidocaine in him to keep him pain-free for a long time. And he is sporting a most handsome purple bandage. We were all so proud of him!!

therapy appointment
followed by the osteopath
changing the fabric
on my new quilt
my old dog good as gold