Thursday July 18, 2013

Today we had a visit from a female cocker who is looking for her forever home. She is a lovely, wonderful, sweet dog. Unfortunately, Oliver got jealous and did a lot of growling and even a bit of tussling. Ginger held her own, but it wasn’t what I want to have going on. And Ginger tried chasing Thackeray (the other two cats disappeared), which Thackeray was definitely not pleased about. So after about four hours, I called her foster mom to come pick her up. It was an interesting experiment, and one which I don’t plan to repeat. I thought Oliver might be okay with a female, but it has become quite clear that he doesn’t want anyone who comes between him and me. He’s okay with Poosa and the cats, and he is getting better with Chauncey, so I think our family is perfect just the way it is.  I was supposed to have a student to tutor this afternoon, but she didn’t show, so I was able to read instead.

another cocker
visits for a play day
Oliver gets jealous
Thackeray runs and hides
until the visit ends